.February 19 2018.

Our first release of the year is finally here, and it’s definitely been worth the wait! Off Land’s Quiet Earth is an expansive reimagining of last year’s On Earth album. A truly beautiful journey for the mind and soul, Quiet Earth will untether your dreams and sweep you away with its breathtaking vistas. Off Land has created a truly lush and vibrant dream world for us to explore. Available now on cassette and digital at our Bandcamp.

We also have some cool new patch designs for you… one for Quiet Earth, and one of our new Pyramid Blood logo. Don’t forget that every patch comes with a free album download, which is a pretty great deal! We’ve also got a stunning new album from Bradley Sean Alexander waiting on the horizon, so check back soon for more details!

.January 09 2018.

Happy New Year from Pyramid Blood!

To celebrate, we've printed up a small number of t-shirts with our logo, which are now available at our Bandcamp page.

We're also very excited to announce Off Land's incredible Quiet Earth cassette as our first release of the year! This lush ambient odyssey will be arriving in early February, so please stay tuned!

We're truly looking forward to sharing another year of amazing music!

.December 01 2017.

With the bitter cold of winter looming just over the horizon, Pyramid Blood is thrilled to present our final release for the year, April Larson's Hopeless Variations. April dreamed this stunning collection of drone monoliths into existence, just in time to ward off the coming chill with this lush and gleaming collection of celestial tectonics, forever echoing into the endless void.

The limited edition CD and download are available at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp, along with an exclusive Hopeless Variations iron-on patch.

It's been a truly exciting and revitalizing year for Pyramid Blood, and we'd love to thank April, anthéne, Endurance, Zefangus, Ultron Atreides, and everyone who's so kindly supported us. Please be sure to check out the artists' respective Bandcamp and Soundcloud sites for so many more amazing sounds. We can't wait to hear what surprises the new year will bring!

Wishing everyone all the very best for the holidays!

.September 01 2017.

The end of summer is upon us!

We're very excited to close out the season with the release of anthéne's Monument Echo. Toronto's anthéne weaves a haunting tapestry of ghostly melodies, dissolving as they float ever upward.

As always, the limited cassette and download are available from our Bandcamp, along with an exclusive limited iron-on patch.

A blissful respite from a tumultuous summer.
More music soon.

.July 25 2017.

Pyramid Blood has braved the depths of the Zefangus vaults and unearthed two epic slabs of lo-fi fever dream delerium. Magic is Real, You are the Lightning presents Atmosphere Machine and Moose. Two blown-out masterpieces, together for the first time. Sunburned sounds for the summer blues. Grab the cassette from our Bandcamp.

We're also happy to announce the arrival of Pyramid Blood iron-on patches! We have a design for every release and logo, now available in our Bandcamp store.

And finally, even more exciting news... Pyramid Blood is proud to be releasing anthéne's beautiful new album, Monument Echo at the end of August, just in time to cap off the long summer daze!

.May 22 2017.

Spring is here! Spring brings new life, and Pyramid Blood is no exception. We're very excited and proud to announce a new release from Endurance, and another one is just on the horizon.

Today marks the limited cassette release of The Invincible by Endurance. The Invincible is a sprawling and beautiful ambient epic, shifting from shimmering pastoral beauty to overwhelming, blissful cacophony. The cassette and digital download are available for purchase and streaming on our new Bandcamp.

Pyramid Blood will also be releasing Zefangus' Magic Is Real, You Are The Lighting on casette very soon, along with a few more cool suprises. Don't forget that Ultron Atreides' wonderful debut Time War Thing is also still available on our new Bandcamp.

Exciting days are ahead!