.June 27 2022.

Pyramid Blood is thrilled to announce our latest release, Saša Delimar’s Coruscate, an extraordinary and expansive suite of fearlessly sublime experimental techno explorations. Coruscate marks a bold new artistic direction for Saša, who has previously released immersive deep techno as Infinity (as featured on the collaborative Evaporation album with NFEREE on Pyramid Blood). Coruscate spotlights Saša’s boundless adventures in texture and rhythm, deftly navigating an uncanny and disorienting fusion of the organic and mechanical.

Exquisitely mastered by OVRSCN at Holosuite Mastering, Coruscate is available now on CD and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp page. We’re grateful to Oslated, Hadal Resonance, and Crescent London for kindly premiering some of Coruscate’s tracks for us.

Thanks so much to all of you for listening, we’ve also got wonderful releases from savedhistory and Daniel[i] just over the horizon!

.November 01 2021.

Pyramid Blood mainstay Pool of Light returns to the label with The Sheltering Sky, a truly moving deep listening journey that will propel your consciousness through the open expanses of the endless shimmering celestial sphere and beyond. Seek refuge in fathomless currents of sound and lose yourself in The Sheltering Sky’s vast and entrancing depths.

Pool of Light's The Sheltering Sky is out now and is available on lovely limited cassette and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp page. We’re really excited to share more amazing music soon!

.September 06 2021.

As the long days of summer begin to wane, Pyramid Blood welcomes back Satori Minayia (悟り) with his mesmerizing and soulful second album, Icaro. An introspective journey through contemporary downtempo, Icaro is an unforgettable testament to the resilience of hope in the face of unimaginable upheaval and devastation.

Featuring the beautiful photography of SteMajourneys and lush mastering by Peculiar Zing, Icaro is now available on CD and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp. Stay tuned, there’s still a lot more to come!

.August 02 2021.

Welcome back! Just in time to set fire to even the hottest days of summer, we’re very excited to announce the release of w. baer’s stunning new album, seeking. With seeking, Burbank producer w. baer takes us on a disorienting and beautifully devastating journey through the fractured landscapes of the past, hoping to reveal a glimpse of the mist-shrouded future.

Exquisitely mastered by dreampunk kingpin and Pure Life label boss CMD094, seeking is available now on limited CD, download and streaming at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp page. As always, thank-you for listening… we truly hope that the days have been kind to all of you. We'll be back soon with more sublime sounds!

.May 03 2021.

Pyramid Blood welcomes the arrival of spring with the release of Daniel[i]'s mesmerizing second installment in his exploratory Terra Amica series. Enchanting drums and voices echo across the stillness of the forest, heralding a season of new life, growth and renewal.

Terra Amica II is now available on limited cassette, digital and streaming at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp page. Thanks for listening, we truly hope that the changing of seasons brings good days to all of you!

.February 22 2021.

As Pyramid Blood enters its fifth year, we are delighted to announce our very special twenty-fifth release, Kenji Kihara's beautiful new album, Raindrops. Kenji's mist-shrouded textures patiently emerge from the dense rain and fog, slowly attaining blissful solidity, guiding us all to brighter, more hopeful days. Raindrops is now available on limited cassette and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp.

Continuing the celebration of Pyramid Blood's fifth anniversary, we also have a new second edition of Daniel[i] and Purl's dub techno masterpiece, Tesseract, available for purchase, this time on black cassette.

Thank-you so very much to all of the wonderful artists and listeners who have made the label what it is over these past years. We have so much more to share, and hope that the new year is off to a great start for all of you!

.December 14 2020.

We've finally made it to the end of this long and difficult year, and thankfully we have Yuto Ohashi's delicate and spectral Matrix to usher it out on a gentle note. Hushed tones and distant ghostly voices coalesce with fragile and haunting melodies, enveloping your ears in a warm cocoon of sound.

Matrix is now available at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp on lovely limited cassette and digital. We're wishing you all the best for the coming holiday season, and we hope that the year ahead is much more kind to all of you. Thanks so much for all of your support, we'll be back in the new year with many more wonderful sounds!

.October 26 2020.

Pyramid Blood welcomes punk beatmaker and Alan Vega acolyte Frankie Teardrop into the fold with the release of PATIENCE, a boldly audacious and confounding synthesis of hip hop, doom and ambient. Hailing from Portland, Frankie Teardrop’s label debut is a sprawling tour de force, evoking disintegrating cityscapes and the dissolution of the final vestiges of society. Heavy vibes for heavy times.

PATIENCE is available now at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp on beautiful limited cassette and digital. As a little bonus, here's Frankie's amazing cover of New Order's classic, Age of Consent.

.September 28 2020.

Fall has arrived, and with the changing seasons comes Satori Minayia (悟り)'s enchanting debut, Unified Field. Greece's Satori Minayia (悟り) effortlessly fuses genres, cross-pollinating ambient and dub techno with UK garage and trip hop to create a wholly unique and mesmerizing sound world all his own.

Exquisitely mixed and mastered by Peculiar Zing, Unified Field is available on cassette and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp as both continuous and single mixes, together in one lovely package.

Pyramid Blood sends our best wishes for healing and love out into the world, and we hope that much better days lie ahead for everyone. More new sounds are waiting just over the horizon.

.July 27 2020.

The long days of summer are well upon us, and along with them comes Tesseract, a beautifully expansive and immersive dub techno odyssey from Daniel[i] and Purl. Shimmering figures echo into infinity and vaporous plumes of texture dissipate into clouds of warm mist, while vapour trails of melody gently emerge from sunlit pools of radiant dawn. Join us and swim in the unexplored depths of consciousness and through the rippling undercurrents of the universe.

Beautifully mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio, Tesseract is now available on cassette and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp. Additionally, a very special beatless Reduction version of Tesseract is also available for download from Whispering Signals.

Pyramid Blood truly hopes that all of you are doing as well as possible through these uncertain days and that music has been able to provide a much-needed respite from the current turmoil swirling around us. Please take good care and stay safe. We'll be back with more new sounds soon.

.May 25 2020.

Pyramid Blood welcomes back Daniel Danieli with the release of the first part of his Terra Amica series. Daniel[i]’s Terra Amica I explores two beautiful long-form sonic landscapes, evoking hazy memories of summer in the mountain forests. Join us on this gently drifting journey of healing and self-discovery, more vital now than ever. Disconnect from the world and reconnect with your true path.

Terra Amica is now available on cassette and digital in our Bandcamp shop. We truly hope that the days have been kind to all of you. Thank you so much for listening, we have a couple of very special releases for you just over the horizon...

.April 27 2020.

We welcome you back to Pyramid Blood in the midst of these strange and difficult days, to present Arrowounds’ haunting masterpiece, Oncotype Sketchbook. Ohio’s Ryan Chamberlain documents and explores the harrowing and ever-changing emotional landscape of a beloved partner’s struggle against the spectre of cancer and the unshakable faith that hope and life will ultimately prevail. Utilizing intimate field recordings from hospital rooms and treatment centres along with an expansive palette of pure sound, Oncotype Sketchbook is an unforgettable journey along the long and winding path to healing and recovery.

Oncotype Sketchbook is now available on cassette and digital in our Bandcamp shop. We hope that this finds all of you and your loved ones in good health and good spirits… we are wishing the best for all of you. Brighter days will be here soon, please take care of yourselves and each other. More healing sounds coming very soon.

.March 09 2020.

Pyramid Blood is very excited to announce 光淵 (Pool Of Light)'s return to the label! Today marks the release of 绿 (Green), Anton Bogdanov's stunning follow-up to 2018's 薹 (Terrace). 绿 (Green) is an immersive psychedelic journey that sweeps you into the deepest undercurrents of the eternal river, tracing its flow through the labyrinth of time and space, out into the empty voids of the cosmos.

光淵 (Pool Of Light)'s 绿 (Green) is now available on cassette and digital in our Bandcamp shop. There's so much more incredible music still to come, and we can't wait to share it with you!

.February 10 2020.

Pyramid Blood is back for the new year with our first offerring, an incredible collaboration between NFEREE and Infinity. Evaporation is a deep and enthralling journey into a very special place, where placid stillness flows into vibrant motion and vaporous forms coalesce into expansive fluid beatscapes, their shimmering suspended molecules hovering weightlessly, ascending eternally skyward. Beautifully mastered by OVRSCN, this is a perfect way to begin the year!

Evaporation is available now on CD and digital in our Bandcamp shop. Come back soon, we have so much more wonderful music to share with all of you this year! Thanks for listening!

.December 09 2019.

As the year quickly draws to a close, Pyramid Blood is very excited to present our special final release for the season, Adari Momentum by In a Left Place. Producer Daniel Danieli shares with us a pair of deeply hypnotic and haunting dreamlike reveries, patiently emerging from the warm echoes of memory. Beautifully mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio, this release is truly a spellbinding treasure.

Adari Momentum is now available on very limited transparent 10" lathe-cut vinyl and digital in our Bandcamp shop. Thanks so much to everyone for your kind support this year, we have so many wonderful new sounds to share with you! Wishing all of you the very best!

.September 23 2019.

With the long summer days fading slowly behind us, Pyramid Blood is thrilled to announce Orange Plasticine's incredible debut release, Marshmallow. Orange Plasticine takes us on a stunningly beautiful and intense sonic journey, enveloping and overwhelming the senses with her unique vision of blown out and all-encompassing noise-saturated shoegaze. Marshmallow's soaring melodies emerge from the maelstrom, only to find themselves engulfed once again in blissful aural chaos.

Marshmallow is now available on cassette and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp, along with a great new patch, which also includes a full album download. You definitely don't want to miss this one! Thanks to everyone for listening, there are still more amazing and unique sounds to come!

.May 06 2019.

Welcome back!

Spring has finally arrived, and Pyramid Blood is excited to announce the release of Space Mountain's debut album, Doomed Galaxies Unwind. Mastered by the incredible Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studio, Doomed Galaxies Unwind is a lush and haunting journey through dissolution, renewal, and the elusive promise of a hopeful future.

You can pick up a copy of Doomed Galaxies Unwind on CD and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp, along with a new patch design, which will have you longing for the coming summer
days. As always, every patch includes a full album download.

More wonderful sounds are on the horizon!

.April 08 2019.

Pyramid Blood is back for the new year with triangle, a stunning new album from Japan's the most remote place on earth. Composer and sound artist Kee Yawne has woven a delicately ethereal sonic tapestry documenting the smallest secret moments, fleeting shadows lost to the passage of the day.

triangle is now available on CD and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp, along with a new patch, which includes a full album download.

We're also excited to share another awesome video from Ki Oni's Loxodonta album, this time for the beautiful track, On the Islands. Thanks to Electric Sound Bath's Brian Griffith for the trip!

More great music coming soon!

.December 21 2018.

The Winter Solstice is here, and with it arrives Pyramid Blood's final release of the year, PJS' cosmic pastoral masterpiece, Glows. Cosmic wanderers PJS share with us their celestial blessings and delve into the arcane zones where the skies bleed into the cosmos, where the heart becomes the mind... where everything glows and positivity and love radiate out into the universe, completely immersing us all.

Glows is now available on CD and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp, along with a beautiful new patch design, which includes a full album download. Thanks so much to all of the artists that have made this a truly wonderful year, and to everyone who has so kindly supported the label. We'll be back in the new year with more incredible sounds to share with you! Wishing all of you the very best for the coming year!

.November 26 2018.

Ki Oni has returned, and Pyramid Blood is thrilled to reveal his incredible new album, Loxodonta! Los Angeles producer and Dublab associate Chuck Soo-Hoo unfolds cascading waves of bliss with his exquisitely blossoming loops, summoning infinite daybreak on the eternal horizon, colours spilling into the sky.

Loxodonta is now available on cassette and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp, along with an amazing new patch design by Peter M. Lawrence, which also includes a full album download.

Lastly, we'd love to share Ang Wilson's mesmerizing video for Ki Oni's edit of Electric Sound Bath's Billowing Light, Loxodonta's epic final track.

.October 29 2018.

Pyramid Blood is excited to announce our tenth offering, Vulture, Ultron Atreides' long-awaited follow-up to both his and Pyramid Blood's debut release, Time War Thing.

Vulture was created during times of instability, and it explores depersonalization, genetic memory, and conflicting interpretations of reality. Ultron Atreides observes how our reality slowly transmutes as we detach ourselves from the lived experiences upon which our personal mythologies are constructed. Can we rely on our memories to truly reflect who we once were? How much of the past is manufactured and erased in order to serve as a coping mechanism for our present day realities?

Vulture is now available on CD and digital at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp, along with a new patch design that also includes a full album download. Thank-you to all who have been listening, we've still got more wonderful music we can't wait for you to hear before the year is through!

.September 24 2018.

Fall has arrived, and we're happy to reveal 光淵 (Pool Of Light)'s dazzling psychedelic journey, 薹 (Terrace). 光淵 (Pool Of Light)'s newest epic conjures gently spiraling eddies in the current of the river eternal, ever flowing out into the universe.

薹 (Terrace) is now available on cassette and digital, along with a great new patch design at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp. Keep listening, we've still got so much more amazing music to share
with you before the end of the year!

.August 27 2018.

As the end of summer rapidly approaches, Pyramid Blood is thrilled to announce our newest release, hedia's wearedissolved. Composed as an audio installation piece for multidisciplinary artist Bryce Hample's wearedissolved exhibition at Albuquerque's 5G Gallery, Pyramid Blood is proud to present both the original installation recording and hedia's sublime live reinterpretation.

hedia's stunning wearedissolved evokes shifting warm sands, gently eroding the edges of time and self, until all dissolves into the shimmering ether. Fleeting glimpses of unfolding internal vistas, gently hovering at the borders of consciousness.

wearedissolved is now available on cassette and digital at Pyramid Blood's Bandcamp, along with a new patch design based on Bryce's artwork.

Keep your ears to the ground for our upcoming releases from Pool Of Light and Ultron Atreides' follow-up to his Pyramid Blood debut, Time War Thing! More wonderful sounds are coming soon!

.April 09 2018.

Pyramid Blood is incredibly excited to reveal our newest release from Toronto's Bradley Sean Alexander, also known for his sublime sounds as anthéne and as half of North Atlantic Drift. On Cascade, Bradley has conjured ethereal songs for fleeting liminal states, walking us out into the mist-shrouded dawn, gently unspooling billowing clouds of haunting drone. Beautifully mastered by the inimitable Sean McCann.

Cascade is now available on CD and digital at our Bandcamp, along with a lovely new patch design.
Spring is finally here, and there's more music coming soon!

.February 19 2018.

Our first release of the year is finally here, and it’s definitely been worth the wait! Off Land’s Quiet Earth is an expansive reimagining of last year’s On Earth album. A truly beautiful journey for the mind and soul, Quiet Earth will untether your dreams and sweep you away with its breathtaking vistas. Off Land has created a truly lush and vibrant dream world for us to explore. Available now on cassette and digital at our Bandcamp.

We also have some cool new patch designs for you… one for Quiet Earth, and one of our new Pyramid Blood logo. Don’t forget that every patch comes with a free album download, which is a pretty great deal! We’ve also got a stunning new album from Bradley Sean Alexander waiting on the horizon, so check back soon for more details!

.January 09 2018.

Happy New Year from Pyramid Blood!

To celebrate, we've printed up a small number of t-shirts with our logo, which are now available at our Bandcamp page.

We're also very excited to announce Off Land's incredible Quiet Earth cassette as our first release of the year! This lush ambient odyssey will be arriving in early February, so please stay tuned!

We're truly looking forward to sharing another year of amazing music!

.December 01 2017.

With the bitter cold of winter looming just over the horizon, Pyramid Blood is thrilled to present our final release for the year, April Larson's Hopeless Variations. April dreamed this stunning collection of drone monoliths into existence, just in time to ward off the coming chill with this lush and gleaming collection of celestial tectonics, forever echoing into the endless void.

The limited edition CD and download are available at the Pyramid Blood Bandcamp, along with an exclusive Hopeless Variations iron-on patch.

It's been a truly exciting and revitalizing year for Pyramid Blood, and we'd love to thank April, anthéne, Endurance, Zefangus, Ultron Atreides, and everyone who's so kindly supported us. Please be sure to check out the artists' respective Bandcamp and Soundcloud sites for so many more amazing sounds. We can't wait to hear what surprises the new year will bring!

Wishing everyone all the very best for the holidays!

.September 01 2017.

The end of summer is upon us!

We're very excited to close out the season with the release of anthéne's Monument Echo. Toronto's anthéne weaves a haunting tapestry of ghostly melodies, dissolving as they float ever upward.

As always, the limited cassette and download are available from our Bandcamp, along with an exclusive limited iron-on patch.

A blissful respite from a tumultuous summer.
More music soon.

.July 25 2017.

Pyramid Blood has braved the depths of the Zefangus vaults and unearthed two epic slabs of lo-fi fever dream delerium. Magic is Real, You are the Lightning presents Atmosphere Machine and Moose. Two blown-out masterpieces, together for the first time. Sunburned sounds for the summer blues. Grab the cassette from our Bandcamp.

We're also happy to announce the arrival of Pyramid Blood iron-on patches! We have a design for every release and logo, now available in our Bandcamp store.

And finally, even more exciting news... Pyramid Blood is proud to be releasing anthéne's beautiful new album, Monument Echo at the end of August, just in time to cap off the long summer daze!

.May 22 2017.

Spring is here! Spring brings new life, and Pyramid Blood is no exception. We're very excited and proud to announce a new release from Endurance, and another one is just on the horizon.

Today marks the limited cassette release of The Invincible by Endurance. The Invincible is a sprawling and beautiful ambient epic, shifting from shimmering pastoral beauty to overwhelming, blissful cacophony. The cassette and digital download are available for purchase and streaming on our new Bandcamp.

Pyramid Blood will also be releasing Zefangus' Magic Is Real, You Are The Lighting on casette very soon, along with a few more cool suprises. Don't forget that Ultron Atreides' wonderful debut Time War Thing is also still available on our new Bandcamp.

Exciting days are ahead!