The Invincible


The planet Regis is uninhabited; man has no business being here... It's no different than if the men had perished in an earthquake or a thunderstorm. We haven't been confronted by someone's conscious, purposeful effort or some hostile will. Nothing but an inorganic process of self-organization... Is it worth wasting our energy and strength to destroy it, simply because from the start we've considered it an enemy lying in wait for us...?

Stanislaw Lem, The Invincible

A1. Regis III
A2. The Lonely Shore
A3. Cyclops
B1. Necroevolution
B2. The Cloud
B3. This Realm of Protected Death

All music and mastering by Joshua Stefane
Art by Joshua Stefane
Design by Michael Thomas

Special thanks to Marcus Miller, Christopher Olson, Kyoko Nishikawa, Paul Duchnay, Michael Thomas and Megumi Kagawa.

Composed in Autumn, 2016, in Nara, Japan.

Released May 22, 2017