Ultron Atreides
Time War Thing


Time War Thing, Ultron Atreides' debut recording, fuses chiptune drones and lo-fi folk, endeavouring to reconcile his anxieties with the human concept of progress and its role in masking the looming horrors of the future.

01. Secret Tears
02. Face Dance
03. Meander
04. Human Hand
05. Astronaut Jones
06. 'Lil Maker
07. Mentat Assassin
08. Salutations

All songs written and performed by Ultron Atreides
Recorded and mixed by Rob Muir
Recorded at OIART and Pipo's Playhouse in London, Ontario
Mastered by Sandro Perri

Thanks: Rob Muir, Sandro Perri, Paul Duchnay, Melissa Boraski, Rob Michalchuk, Aaron Faulkenham, Adam Skinner, the Ford Plant, The Statutory Apes, WD40, Zefangus.